Online Booking Systems

This page introduces two online booking systems for travel agencies (B to B), operated by NTA. The Miyabi system sells tours, experiences, and tickets, while the Omega system sells hotels. By using these booking systems, we can reduce the time to exchange emails and will not make your customers wait. This is the best way to improve the efficiency of work. Of course, you can always contact our staff if you need any help!

Miyabi System - For Tours, Tickets, and other Activities

You can find a wide range of services and excursions over Japan. Easy search can be done by category, destination, tour code and keyword. Instant confirmation by email and booking summary on My Page are also available!

Why Miyabi?

Best Selling Products

Please check our brochure for our recommendations and best-selling products.
We can offer you not only day tours but also activities, tickets transfers, and others!

Recommended Functions!

Easy search
Easy search
Search by category, destination, tour code and more! You can search our best selling products by entering the tour code written on the brochure.
You can issue the voucher from our system after you receive confirmation. Voucher customization is also available by uploading your logos!

Omega system - For hotels

Our user-friendly booking engine will assist you to select the best hotels from our large number of high star-rated hotels and specific Japanese accommodations. Our strength is that we have purchasing departments located all over Japan. We have direct contracts with hotels to receive dedicated inventory for NTA. Let's find suitable accommodation to make the best travel for your client!

Why Omega?

Contact Us

We are happy to hear your product requests and to share our information! We can host online meetings to show what we offer and how to use our system!

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We are always ready to welcome you with the best infection control measures to ensure a safe and secure travel experience for you. Your safety is our No.1 priority. Please refer to the following for more detailed information.

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