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Accommodations in Japan

In Japan, there are a variety of styles of accommodation. Western style and Japanese style are the most common ones, but there is also a mixed style that features both Japanese and Western elements.

Generally, budget inns and business hotels in the cities provide Western style rooms. Accommodations in hot spring resorts such as Hakone mostly provide Japanese style rooms. There are also hotels that provide rooms of all types (Western, Japanese and mixed style).
A trip to Mount Koya is a unique experience, offering “Shukubo” style accommodation, where you have a chance to stay at a temple, which is also popular among travellers.

Ryokan (Japanese Inns) Experience
Ryokan (Japanese Inns) Experience
Ryokan offers a unique accommodation experience which you cannot find in other countries. If you want to experience Japanese Rooms, why not try a stay at a Ryokan?
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What is a “Shukubo”
What is a “Shukubo”
Shukubo, which literally means "a sleeping place for the monks". Whatever your religious beliefs are, attending the liturgical ritual held in the morning is a meaningful and valuable experience for many foreign visitors.