Reasons to choose NTA

Wide Range of Business Development
Wide Range of Business Development
We are one of the largest travel agencies in Japan.
Sales of 4 billion US dollars, 356 branches around the globe
Longest History as a Travel Agency
Longest History as a Travel Agency
We celebrated our 110th anniversary in 2015.
Our corporate clients number in the thousands.
Individual customers have also trusted us for over 110 years.
Knowledge and Experience in Inbound Tour Operations
Knowledge and Experience in Inbound Tour Operations
We are a leading DMC in Japan.
Our inbound division has sales of 38.3 billion yen.

Our Advantages

Unparalleled Purchasing Power

Purchasing power is the most important and indispensable element for DMCs. With 16 purchasing centers across Japan, we quickly respond to and fulfill our customers' requests.

Oldest and Most Experienced Leading DMC

With a history of 50 years, our division boasts a wealth of accumulated experience, creativity, imagination, arrangement capability, and reliability. You can rely on us for complex and demanding business.

Group Company Network

The Shinkansen, the world's most famous bullet train, is an indispensable part of travel in Japan. The bullet train connects Tokyo and Osaka, a distance of 550 km/341mi, in 2 hours and 30 minutes. JR West is our parent company and our strength lies in the strong ties that bind us together.

Only One Idea and Creativity

A chef prepares multiple ingredients to create a work of art called cuisine. We combine accommodations, guides, trains and meals to create a journey. We add to them the knowledge, imagination and creativity that we have accumulated in our DNA. In other words, we add value to conventional products. It is our strength that no other DMC can follow in Japan.

One Stop Service

We are a comprehensive Travel Agency and we can cope with any requests from customers. We have highly specialized departments like the purchasing department, MICE Department, Inbound Department and Planning Department. We build a cross-section team if needed and tackle any kind of business. This is a very unique company form which is not found in any other countries.

Reasons to choose Japan

Charm of Japan

Japan has everything you seek for. Japan is the only country where you could find your dream.

Japan, the county of diversity
Japan, the county of diversity
In Japan, tradition and modernity live side by side and the diversity that comes from this combination is what makes Japan unique. It is said that the diversity of Japanese cuisine means that you can taste all kinds of cuisines from around the world in one country. These are popular foods that are highly appreciated by foreign tourists, yet the quality and cost performance are amazingly high.
Japan stands out in every field.
Japan stands out in every field.
We, Japanese, have a lot to be proud of. Our long and deep history and historical buildings that have been preserved for posterity, our hospitality in welcoming foreign guests, our high quality cuisine, our unique and diverse culture, our hot springs, the list goes on and on. The fact that you can easily and reasonably experience the best in any field is one of the reasons why Japan attracts so many travelers from overseas.
Japan has the best of things.
Japan has the best of things.
Japan is the only country that has first-rate things to offer in almost every field. With a food culture that surpasses that of France, safety that allows even a young woman to go out alone at night, cutting-edge robot technology, a subculture that overwhelms the youth of the world and temples and shrines with a mystical spirituality, there is no other country after Japan.

Contact Us

Our dedicated team is ready to collaborate with you on the upcoming events, helping you with accommodations, transport and logistics, and even tours around Japan during the events. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any inquiry or question. We will be very pleased to use our expertise at your service.